Artist Spotlight - Charlotte Beevor

Charlotte Beevor - Award-winning Surface Pattern Designer

Well known for bold prints, Charlotte is an award-winning Surface Pattern Designer who recently collaborated with, and Hillary Blinds.

Is there mainly one source of inspiration for your designs or many?

I would say I can take inspiration from anything! But a lot of my work is inspired by nature and its un-obvious details! I like looking at what other people don’t always notice!

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

I would say launching my collection of curtains, blinds and cushions with Hillarys. It was a big year long project and I was involved in styling and on the photo-shoots too - so I learnt a lot!

Has social media helped promote your artwork?

Well firstly its free so that's bonus! I think platforms like Instagram are amazing as you are able to post beautiful images of your work whenever you want and people from all over the world are able to see it. I have got commissions and freelance work from people finding my work through Instagram!

You offer Floral Painting & Collage workshops in London; do you find these help people relax and allow them to explore their creative side?

Yes massively!… And that's the most important thing! I teach simple creative exercises and tips like collage so that people can continue it at home or just sit and unwind in one evening from work and their everyday stresses! One woman I taught who does not work in the arts says doing creative things at home helps her anxiety. Another said she wanted to buy the materials so she could continue at home to de-stress from work. Everyone seems to have very stressful jobs! So it is important to find things to combat that!

What’s the best advice you could give a designer who’s struggling to break into the scene?

Work really hard, put yourself out there as people are not going to come to you and have a back up plan!

Where’s your happy place?

Being in Ireland with my boyfriend, he’s half Irish so we go there to completely relax!

Click here to view Charlotte's range of patterned pocket mirrors.

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